Rune Masters


RPG and puzzle come together


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Rune Masters is a role-playing game that, just like in the installments of the Puzzle Quest saga, uses a combat system based on puzzle games in which you have to connect three pieces of the same color. Players have to make a way to a world of epic fantasy by using ingenuity.

Rune Masters is fundamentally different from Puzzle Quest in that the battles are held in real time, not in turns. You have a time bar that fills during the game, and after your opponent's move, it's your turn. Due to this, if you aren't quick-moving and fast thinking, your opponent will beat you for sure.

Between battles, players can explore a map full of different locations where you can talk to a lot of different characters. In addition, you can upgrade your hero by downloading different attributes, choosing spells and equipping yourself with different types of objects.

Rune Masters is an excellent mix of RPG and puzzles. It not only offers a fun and dynamic gameplay, but also has great graphics and an interesting story.
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